Songbird, Towela’s latest video ‘Zingati’ reportedly dominates Zambian playlists


Songbird Towela Kaira’s latest video for ‘Zingati’, a star studded collaboration has reached 233 thousand views on YouTube.

In just four days of its release, the song which featured Congolese musician Majoos alongside female rap sensation Xaven and new kid on the block Blood Kid YVOK has been heavily viewed on video streaming platform.

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The song, which is predominantly a Rhumba record has a fusion of hip-hop and R and B.

With the song dominating radio and club playlists ever since its release, the numbers on YouTube confirm that it’s a certified hit.

The evidence can be seen from the over 500 comments on the video streaming platform.

One fan wrote: “My wedding committee won’t agree but I’m adding this one to the playlist,” read a comment on YouTube.

Others have predicted that the video will be Towela’s first ever to hit 1 million streams on YouTube.

“Once this song hits 1 million in seven weeks, Towela should dare me anything, i will do it,” read another YouTube subscriber’s comment.

Some comments from subscribers from the Democratic Republic of Congo can be spotted with the nation’s flags being seen on the posts, as a show of patriotism towards their own, Majoos who had a starring appearance in the song with a catchy chorus and a verse.

“🇨🇩🇨🇩🇨🇩🇨🇩🇨🇩🇨🇩Congo Democratic Republic ku chalo,” read a post.

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