Swedish rapper/Grammy award-winner, Timbuktu, set to perform in Lusaka


Grammy award winning Swedish rapper, Timbuktu, has paid glowing tribute to the Zambian hip-hop scene.

Timbuktu, real name, Jason Diakite, told the media at a briefing in Lusaka on Friday that he was impressed with the art form being exhibited by Zambian artistes .

He said he has had the opportunity to listen to several Zambian artistes but particularly mentioned rappers Chef 187 and Killa.

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The rapper, who I s in the country for an event commemorating the genre’s 50th anniversary in Lusaka on Friday, said the Zambian scene possessed a vast amount of quality.

“The overall quality that is coming out of Zambia is very very high,” the Swedish national stated.

And Diakite said hip-hop has taken him to different parts of the world, something he is grateful for.

“Music has been my education and my identity. It has given me pride, it has taken me to many different countries and continents,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mark Kaira, popularly known as Macky 2, who will be sharing the stage with the Grammy winner at the event slated for Saturday evening at the Music Club said he is looking forward to the concert.

Kaira said the show, which is being organized by the Swedish Embassy alongside Swedish cultural non-governmental organisation Selam, would feature various artistes spanning across different generations of hip-hop in the country.

In response to a question from the media about creatives jumping onto trends, Kaira said it risked diluting a musician’s authenticity.

“Trying too hard to be relevant just takes away from your originality,” he said.

Mark Lukwesa, artistically known as Killa shared similar sentiments stating: “As far as trends go, I just make them pass. I just do my own thing.”

Other artistes slated to perform include Cleo Ice Queen, Shimasta, KRYTIC, Tim, Slap Dee, Princess Natasha Chansa and Jay Rox.

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