‘The lie’, a Zambian film production to premier at Chingola theatre


One of the oldest little theatre houses in the country, the Chingola Arts Society (CAS) will this weekend premiers its long awaited production, ‘The Lie’.

Renowned for producing and hosting a horde of original and adapted productions, Chingola Arts Society returned to the stage once again, for the seventh time this year, to perform the hour long six man cast social commentary that promised a spark from the club’s renowned artistes.

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The Evans kalandanya production is centred on two main characters Joy and Garden the children raised in two different worlds.

Garden is overwhelmed by the pomp and lavish lifestyle at the disposal.

Joy, the other child lives happily around the surrogates of her grandmother who has raised her with love but Jas been dead silent on what was at stake, the ‘hidden Ruth’s coining the plays theme ‘The Lie’.

Incidentally, Garden loves Joy, but the glass between the two separates them.

The scenario results into serious confrontations between the two.

However, Joys grandmother holds the trump card to the imbroglio and is the only one who can undo the lie, and to stop the bickering between the two siblings.

The master piece proves to tickle the minds of people as it leaves them in suspense, for a good and positive premier this weekend.

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