Trade union mother body laments proliferation of unions in education sector (Video)


The Federation of Free Trade Unions of Zambia (FFTUZ) has expressed concern that the proliferation of teacher unions in the education sector has weakened their bargaining power.

FFTUZ president. Muyaywa Kabisa, emphasised the need for all unions to unite and work as a single team to achieve their desired goals.

Kabisa made these remarks during the National Union of Public and Private Educators of Zambia (NUPPEZ) general electoral conference in Lusaka on Friday.

“I am glad the Ministry of Labour is aware that this proliferation is damaging the labour movement in Zambia and I want to indicate that much of the proliferation is happening in the education sector,” he said.

Kabisa stated that the country had witnessed an increase in unions within the sector, yet these unions were failing to meet the requirements of their institutions or the expectations of their members.

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He pointed out that teachers rushing to join such unions were suffering because their representatives were unable to advocate for them adequately.

“The other issue I want to address is the economic situation of our country. The happenings on the global scene have spiral effects that tend to hamper the economic growth of our country,” Kabisa noted.

He highlighted that Zambia is experiencing high poverty levels, a high cost of living, low disposable income among the working class, and high prices of essential commodities such as fuel.

Kabisa stated that this situation was not the making of the government but was due to external factors affecting everyone, including teachers.

“Our people, especially those in rural areas who depend on us, are adversely hit and are extending their hands asking for help from a working class that is also failing to meet its needs,” he said.

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