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UNZA trade unions insist on settlement of K200 million debt before resumption of classes by students


University of Zambia (UNZA) lecturers have requested that the university’s management advise students at the main campus to remain home until the government clears a K200 million debt owed to them.

Lecturers, represented by their unions—the University of Zambia Lecturers and Research Union (UNZALARU), University of Zambia Professional Staff Union (UNZAPROSU), and University of Zambia Allied Workers Union (UNZAAWU)—made these demands on Wednesday in Lusaka.

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UNZALARU president, Andrew Phiri, urged the government to prevent students from returning for the reopening of the university, stating that none of the affected lecturers would attend to them.

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“For more than two weeks, they have been dillydallying with a K50 million payment and we have insisted that we want to be paid in full,” Phiri stressed.

He said the money needed to be secured before students could return for the reopening.

“If they want trouble, let the students return and they will not be attended to,” he mentioned.

Additionally, Phiri stated that the lecturers were ready to confront Republican President Hakainde Hichilema over the debt.

“It seems the ministers have failed—the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Education have failed. We want to go to the Head of State,” he added.

Phiri further mentioned that their purpose in visiting the Head of State was to request control of the Katuba toll gate for one week so they could be paid off.

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