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UPND Secretary-General, Imenda, urges ex-President Lungu to conduct issue-based politics


The ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) Secretary-General, Batuke Imenda, has called on former president Edgar Lungu to conduct issue-based politics.

Imenda said this should be devoid of ill-will, saying such days when the country used to be engulfed in anarchy were long gone.

He made the call in a statement issued in Lusaka on Saturday following Lungu’s claims that President Hakainde Hichilema’s administration was stifling democracy and driving the country towards dictatorship in order to prolong their stay in power.

The UPND Secretary-General cautioned that leading the country back to the days of trauma would not be tolerated.

“To our UPND members, we call for continued unity and peaceful coexistence at all times even in the face of provocation from some selfish opposition political parties that thrive on anarchy,” Imenda said.

He further reiterated that the will of the people would always prevail in the governance of the country, especially under the UPND government.

Imenda stated that the peaceful atmosphere that characterized the recent by-elections was a clear testimony of the civility that the UPND government under Hichilema had brought on the political arena.

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“It further demonstrates the political maturity and democracy at work under the current administration resulting in the people’s will prevailing,” he said.

Imenda stated that the victory recorded by the UPND was a clear demonstration of the continued confidence placed by the people of the two areas and Zambians at large in the leadership of Hichilema.

“UPND emmerged victorius in Mwambeshi and Sankolonga Wards where our candidates Kabuta Elvis and and Balengu Simakando were duly elected as Members of the Nsama and Mwandi Council respectively,” he noted.

Imenda congratulated the PF, who emerged victorious in Kabuta Ward of Nchelenge District, as this demonstrates the highest level of democracy existing under the current leadership of Hichilema.

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