Yango reiterates commitment to support IT education in Zambia by offering free educational courses


International tech company Yango today announces the launch of the Yango Education programme, a commitment by the company to increase the benefits offered to all Zambians who are 18 years and above and have completed basic education.

This includes the company’s partner drivers,couriers and/or their families by giving them access to online introductory data analytics courses developed by Yango engineers.

In a world where digital technology has become a fundamental element of business activity, Yango Education offers users the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of data analysis.

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They will be able to collect, analyze and visualize data relating to business development. This skill will enable them to make business decisions in line with market realities.

“We are thrilled to offer an online education program that will empower numerous Zambians who are 18 and above.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, at Yango, we believe that providing access to educational opportunities will not only bridge the digital skills gap but also enhance economic growth.

With the increase in demand for skills such as data analysis, we believe that this opportunity will be an essential investment and soon Zambia will reap the sweet fruit that will emanate from the program.” said Kabanda Chewe, Country Manager of Yango Zambia.

“At Yango we understand that times are hard for a lot of us Zambians that is why this program is free. We have further ensured flexibility of the program as learners can keep learning at their own pace. We want to express our commitment as Yango to sponsoring such programs because we know that several lives today, including ours, have been transformed through knowledge and education.”

Yango will provide free access to an online education course in Python and SQL data analysis.

To be eligible for the courses, candidates must have a laptop or PC and an internet connection6 be over 18 years of age and have a high school diploma.

The priority would be given to those who want to continue education and pursue a career in data analysis.

The course will be provided to over 1500 students throughout the year who will be selected after application review and personal interviews with the Yango team. The first phase will have about 250 beneficiaries.

In practical terms, the course lasts 80 hours at a rate of 20 hours per week, giving a total of one month’s learning.

Meanwhile, Harrison Sinyinza, a Yango partner driver, is delighted to have been able to benefit from this initiative.

“It is a very good idea that Yango is actually coming up with such an initiative. It shows that they think about the people who are giving them business and to an extent it shows that they care,” he said.

“IT education has become very important in the world these days and I’m happy to benefit from such an essential course. I believe this will help me and many other beneficiaries know more about technology and utilize it in our daily lives.”

Find out more and apply for the Yango Education program here

About Yango

Yango, an international tech company, integrates leading technologies to offer mobility and delivery services through its superapp across more than 20 countries in Africa, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Since its inception, Yango has consistently prioritized safety as a core value, reshaping local communities through innovative and secure services.

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