Yango spreads holiday cheer with celebrity surprise rides and deliveries in Zambia


During the festive period and holiday season,Yango turned the streets of Zambia into a festive playground, bringing joy and surprises to its users.

In a delightful initiative, your favorite celebrities stepped into the roles of Santas, by each delivering happiness through rides, food, and packages.

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With over 20 rides completed by these highly esteemed celebrities, it was definitely a season of unexpected delights as Zambians ordered with Yango!

Celebrity Drivers & Couriers

Three of Zambia’s top celebrities, Mampi, Yo Maps and Chef, joined forces with Yango to make the holiday season truly special. In heartwarming scenes around Lusaka, the three celebrities were seen personally delivering Yango Deli orders on a bike, serving as drivers and delivering packages to unsuspecting clients who were in for a surprise of a lifetime. All three celebrities worked as drivers and couriers in this unforgettable experience.

A Sneak Peek Into the Joyful Deliveries

Mampi embodied the spirit of giving by personally delivering Yango Deli orders to lucky customers. These unsuspecting customers ordered their meals on the Yango app and never thought they would get their meal delivered by one of their favorite celebrities. Riding through the streets, she added a touch of holiday magic, spreading joy with every delivery.

On the other side of the city, Chef surprised unsuspecting passengers as their driver. The reactions were priceless as riders realized they were sharing a ride with one of Zambia’s most beloved musicians. Many of them exclaimed, “Wow! Just the perfect way to spend the xmas holidays. Chef? My Yango driver? Unbelievable!”

Mampi shared her thoughts on the unique experience:
“It was so exciting and thrilling to be a part of this surprise organized by Yango. Delivering smiles and meals directly to our fans was such a heartwarming experience. The season was all about spreading love, and Yango made it extra special by including a shopping Voucher so that Zambians could enjoy their holiday shopping.”

Reflecting on her journey, she further stated, “Driving on Yango and picking up a few clients for a day made me realize the importance of good customer service and humility in general, and the latter goes both ways.”

Both Mampi and Chef 187 developed a newfound respect for the daily struggles faced by couriers/drivers.

Mampi emphasized the diversity of Yango clients, urging riders to be kind and understanding. Chef 187, having experienced the job firsthand, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that those in these professions are simply trying to make an honest living.

He shared, “Bonse we are just trying to make an honest buck, but it made me respect and appreciate their hustle a bit more because they deal with different personalities. It’s not easy.”

In Chef 187’s view, the opportunities within the courier/driver profession are limitless. “You can give a ride to a respected delegate and get hired as their personal guy.

My point is the opportunities are limitless,” he asserted.

When he was asked about any advice he would give to future Yango users he said; “ Trust Yango. It’s safe and the rides are always tracked and secure.

The safety features for both drivers and riders are very good and gives confidence to all Zambians that Yango is truly setting the bar high and I’m happy to have been a part of it.”

In a joint message to those working as couriers/drivers, Mampi, and Chef 187 encouraged a focus on self-improvement and individual excellence. Chef 187 advised, “Focus on you, and be true to yourself. Always look to excel and improve yourself, and be the one that stands out.” Their shared experiences, bring to light the humanity and untapped potential within the courier/driver profession, proving that it goes beyond the surface and deserves the respect and recognition accorded to any other profession.

Yango will continue to come up with exciting innovative projects such as Yango Delivery Cargo which was launched in Lusaka in December 2023.

This is just one of the many services that Yango provides to ensure that Zambians enjoy reliable, safe and convenient rides and deliveries.

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