Zambia’s criminal case records jump from 17,486 in 2023 to 18, 219 in Q1, 2024 —Police


The Zambia Police Service has reported a total of 18,219 criminal cases nationwide during the first quarter of 2024, compared to 17,486 cases during the same period in 2023.

According to Police Public Relations Officer Rae Hamoonga, Lusaka province recorded the highest number of cases at 5,512, followed by the Copperbelt province with 2,753 and Southern province contributing 1,931 to the total reported cases nationwide.

Hamoonga stated that Eastern Province documented 1,596 cases, North Western recorded 1,341, Western had 1,155, Luapula accounted for 1,108, while Central Province tallied 1,106 cases.

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“In addition, Northern recorded 680 cases, Muchinga recorded 609, and Tazara recorded the lowest number of cases at 406,” Hamoonga added.

Furthermore, Hamoonga noted that there were 9,354 arrests made, compared to 9,674 arrests in 2023, indicating a reduction in the arrest rate in the first quarter of 2024 compared to 2023.

He explained that the number of reported cases increased by 733, representing a 4.02 percent increase.

Hamoonga highlighted that under murder cases, the Copperbelt recorded the highest with 34, followed by Lusaka with 28, and Southern with 26.

Central recorded 25, Western recorded 24, Muchinga recorded 19, Luapula and North Western recorded 12 each, Eastern recorded 11, Northern recorded three, and Tazara did not record any cases.

In aggravated robbery cases, Lusaka had the highest with 60 cases, followed by Muchinga with 33, and Copperbelt with 28 cases.

Eastern recorded 17, Central recorded 13, Southern and North Western recorded six each, Western recorded five, Luapula recorded three, while Northern and Tazara did not record any cases.

Moreover, in theft of motor vehicle cases, Lusaka recorded the highest with 33, followed by Copperbelt with 20, and Eastern with 15.

Southern recorded 13, Central recorded 12, Muchinga recorded 9, Northern and North Western recorded one each, whereas Luapula and Tazara did not record any cases.

Additionally, under stock theft cases, Southern Province recorded the highest with 155, followed by Western with 115, and Eastern with 106.

Central recorded 66, Lusaka recorded 48, Copperbelt recorded 40, North Western and Luapula recorded 39 each, while Muchinga recorded 19, Northern recorded 13, and Tazara recorded 8 cases.

Under arson cases, Lusaka recorded the highest with 13, followed by Eastern with 12, whereas North Western, Luapula, and Southern recorded eight each.

Western recorded six, Copperbelt recorded five, Muchinga recorded four, while Central, Northern, and Tazara did not record any cases.

Hamoonga stated that under theft cases, Lusaka recorded the highest with 1,487, followed by Copperbelt with 712, and Southern with 377.

Eastern recorded 351, North-Western recorded 323, Central recorded 249, Luapula recorded 216, Northern recorded 161, Western recorded 160, Muchinga recorded 77, and Tazara recorded 68 cases.

Furthermore, Hamoonga mentioned that under burglary and theft, Lusaka recorded the highest with 368, followed by Southern with 225, while Copperbelt recorded 218 cases.

Eastern recorded 200, North-Western recorded 199, Western recorded 167, Luapula recorded 104, Central recorded 81, Northern recorded 72, Muchinga recorded 56, and Tazara did not record any case.

He further emphasized that the total value of property stolen in the first quarter of 2024 was K288,468,980, compared to K113,952,457 stolen in 2023.

The total value of property recovered was K21,572,427, compared to K30,762,016 in the first quarter of 2023, and the total value of property damaged was K2,893,276, compared to K2,520,610 for the first quarter of 2023.

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