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Implementation of Cyber Security Act has brought some order to Zambian society —Chief Kaputa (video)


A traditional leader in Northern Province, Chief Kaputa, has observed that Zambians have become more cautious about their social media posts following the full implementation of the Cyber Security Act.

Chief Kaputa noted that Zambians were now more mindful of their content on platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram due to fear of potential consequences.

During an interview with Zambia Monitor in Kaputa District, Chief Kaputa expressed belief that if the law was implemented properly and without bias, it could help restore declining morals affected by social media abuse.

“I have not yet had the opportunity to read it and assess its impact in Lusaka and other parts of the country, including rural areas. However, I believe I should review it to determine if any amendments are necessary, although I have observed some improvement in social media behavior,” he commented.

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Chief Kaputa acknowledged that there had been isolated incidents of individuals violating the law, resulting in their arrest.

Furthermore, he mentioned that the growth of mainstream media in terms of news coverage of various issues has not yet been fully realized in rural areas.

The traditional leader, citing his Chiefdom as an example with only one media house, believes this limits people’s participation in national matters.

“It’s essential to uphold our human rights, but the challenge lies in how individuals interpret them. In the environment I am familiar with, there seems to be more freedom of expression compared to what we observe in Lusaka and the Copperbelt,” Chief Kaputa concluded.

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