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Kasama youth highlights positive impact, challenges of cyber Security Act on digital rights (video)


A youth in Kasama, Beatrice Nkonde, says the Cyber Security Act has positively impacted the preservation of digital rights in Zambia but emphasizes that it should be implemented cautiously.

Nkonde noted that many people were previously afraid to engage in discussions online due to fears of bullying or harassment.

The Act has helped curb such activities, allowing people to participate in discussions more freely.

“The Act has played a significant role in restoring some of the morals and principles that had slowly diminished,” Nkonde told Zambia Monitor in Kasama.

However, Nkonde pointed out that mainstream media coverage of diverse voices is lacking in rural areas, where many issues remain unreported.

“The mainstream media tries to cover diverse information, but mostly they do this in urban areas,” she said.

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Nkonde also highlighted that people were not fully free to express themselves due to fear of repercussions, which often limits their discussions.

She stressed the need for authorities to cautiously implement laws regulating cyberspace to ensure that digital rights were protected.

“Media freedom in Zambia exists, but journalists fear harassment when they are critical of those in government.

“Media houses fear being shut down, which often leads to incomplete dissemination of information to the public,” Nkonde stated.

She further pointed out financial burdens as a major challenge facing journalists in the country, leading to many being compromised in their line of duty.

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