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Choma resident, Haachobezi, laments inadequate media coverage in rural communities (video)


As discussions on media freedom and coverage in Zambia continue, Choma resident, Chipo Haachobezi, shared her perspective, asserting that the media enjoys total freedom but fails to fully utilise it to cover local issues.

In an interview with Zambia Monitor, Haachobezi argued that while media freedom existed in Zambia, journalists were not taking advantage of this freedom to report on the problems faced by communities.

“The media is free because here in Zambia, we have freedom. They should just come and report on the issues happening here in markets.

“We have total freedom here in Zambia which the media can use to broadcast how we live in communities and markets,” she said.

Haachobezi lamented the lack of media presence in Choma to document the challenges faced by its residents, saying that media coverage could prompt government action.

She questioned the media’s reluctance to broadcast real issues from communities and markets, suggesting that journalists act as if they are harassed despite their freedom.

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“They do not give us enough coverage and we are asking if they can come and see how we live in markets and communities so that they can take information to social media and to the President [Hakainde Hichilema],” Haachobezi urged.

She concluded by highlighting the rarity of media visits and pleading for regular coverage to ensure that the community’s issues are aired and addressed.

“I have only seen them once here and some of the challenges we have here. We are begging them to be coming because we have many issues to be aired, just as it happens elsewhere. Let them come through and go around the markets to gather information,” she concluded.

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