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Bwalya, Choma resident, voices concerns regarding freedom of speech, media coverage in Zambia (video)


Juliet Bwalya, a resident of Choma, has spoken out against what she sees as discriminatory practices among some government officials in their allocation of empowerment programmes.

She pointed out the importance of utilising freedom of speech to address these issues.

Bwalya also criticized certain media outlets in the Southern Province for what she perceived as biased coverage, hindering freedom of speech.

In an interview with Zambia Monitor, Bwalya expressed confidence in the power of freedom of speech, asserting her right to speak out on local issues, including perceived disparities in empowerment programmes.

“We all voted for the current government, and as Zambians, we should work together,” Bwalya stated.

“However, some of us feel excluded from government assistance programmes, particularly those aimed at social welfare.”

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She further lamented the lack of media coverage for individuals who speak languages other than the dominant one in the Province, calling for greater inclusivity in reporting.

“The media should strive to represent all Zambians, regardless of language or background,” Bwalya concluded.

Bwalya’s remarks underscore the importance of freedom of speech in addressing social inequalities and fostering inclusivity within communities.

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