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Forum urges Lungu, Hichilema to sheath sword, prioritise national unity over political disputes


The Oasis Forum has called on President Hakainde Hichilema and former President Edgar Lungu to put Zambia’s interests above their personal and political differences.

Non-governmental Gender Organization’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) Chairperson, Grace Sinkamba, highlighted the rising political tensions in the country, urging for national dialogue that included all political leaders.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka, Sinkamba also implored the government to allow opposition parties to hold political rallies without using security concerns as a pretext to infringe on their rights.

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“We call on the republican president to take decisive measures to stop the stifling of constitutionally guaranteed political rights using the Public Order Act by the police,” she said.

She alleged that there is a perception of bias, where members of the ruling party are spared from sanctions for their divisive actions, while opposition members face arrests or warning and caution statements.

“Those who have been arrested are charged with serious offenses like espionage and proposing tribal wars, while no action is taken against those perceived to be connected to the ruling party,” she alleged.

Sinkamba further suggested that there was a perception that the UPND government was favoring individuals from a suspected ‘Zambezi region’ in national appointments and business opportunities.

“The new dawn government must be sensitive to avoid a perception that it is favoring certain regions over others in terms of appointments to government and parastatal jobs,” she urged.

Additionally, General Secretary for the Council of Churches in Zambia, Emmanuel Chikoya, said every Zambian had the right to move freely within the country.
“As long as there are voices declaring ‘no-go zones’ anywhere for anybody, that is to be condemned,” Chikoya stated.

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