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Many news platforms but not enough reporting of community news, Chigunta challenges journalists to do the needful (video)


Baldwin Chigunta, a resident of Choma, has urged journalists to leverage the current freedom of speech to bring attention to issues affecting communities.

Chigunta, who believes that journalists were currently enjoying freedom of speech, emphasized that the media had a duty to disseminate accurate information.

In an interview with Zambia Monitor in Choma, he challenged journalists to report on community issues, stating that they were now free from political and stakeholder interference.

“Currently, this government does not interfere with the media as compared to the previous government. Previously, when people wanted to air their views on their livelihoods, their mouths were being closed because they were being accused of siding with the opposition.

“But this government enables people to be free, including the media. The journalists are free and are not being policed around,” Chigunta said.

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He expressed concern that journalists were not reporting on issues affecting communities despite Zambia enjoying freedom of speech and expression.

He suggested that the media should make an effort to directly speak to people in the communities to get real information.

“Our complaint is that we have many radio stations here in Choma. We want them to report on what is going on in communities to ensure that all the challenges are heard.

“There are many issues that we want to be heard, but we are not given that platform. So, all we are asking for is that the media should go around in communities, including villages, and report on the issues affecting us,” Chigunta said.

Chigunta expressed hope that journalists would utilise the current freedom of speech and expression to highlight critical issues affecting communities for the betterment of the people.

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