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Choma resident backs govt on relationship with media, says journalists protected in discharge of duties (video)


Amid ongoing discussions about media operations in Zambia, Chola Mofya, a resident of Choma, has said that journalists in Zambia were protected and free to function independently.

In an interview with the Zambia Monitor, Mofya argued that journalists enjoyed freedom of speech, enabling them to work independently without fear of reprisal.

“Yes, they are protected here in Zambia. The government supports the media to ensure they are protected and not brutalised. Anyone who resorts to violence is acting alone. The government does not support violence,” Mofya stated.

“This is not a dictatorship government. It is a government that allows freedom of speech.”

When asked about potential interference from politicians and other stakeholders, Mofya acknowledged that it happens occasionally but not consistently. “Yes, at times, but not always. There are people with divergent views, but the media should not be afraid because they reach out to the communities.”

Mofya encouraged journalists to utilise their freedom of speech to enhance coverage, particularly highlighting challenges faced by communities, such as drought and access to water.

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“We need journalists to come and reach out to us in communities about our livelihood. We have a drought situation in Zambia; the government is doing everything possible, but it cannot reach everyone,” Mofya said.

Mofya emphasized that journalists in Zambia were well protected during the execution of their duties, urging them to continue their important work in bringing community issues to light.

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