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ZMP counsels Hichilema administration to channel CDF resources to combating cholera spread


Zambia Must Prosper Party (ZMP) leader, Kelvin Bwalya, has called on government to consider chaneling all the funds allocated to Lusaka Province under the Constituency Development Fund towards the fight against the Cholera outbreak.

Bwalya also proposed that President Hakainde Hichilema should declare a state of emergency with regards to the cholera outbreak which has claimed over 330 lives.

During a media briefing in Lusaka on Friday, Bwalya stated that government had no money to fight the cholera out break hence the need to declare it as a state of emergency in order to get help or channel the CDF to the fight.

He further stated that the cholera fight called for more concerted efforts by all stakeholders.

“Zambia should not withhold itself from seeking help over the cholera disaster because any further delay might lead to more lives being lost,” Bwalya emphasized.

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He added that there was no harm in asking for help because the situation at hand was critical and tense hence the need to seek help by declaring the epidemic a national disaster.

Bwalya also assured the nation of his party’s readiness to work with government to stop the spread of the cholera pandemic once and for all.

“We are ready to offer solutions and work together for the sake of serving zambians from the hands of the cholera pandemic,” he emphasized.

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