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ZMP knocks President Hichilema on frequent international trips amidst economic challenges


Zambia Must Prosper (ZMP) has expressed surprise that President Hakainde Hichilema is still engaging in international trips despite Zambia facing significant social and economic difficulties.

ZMP Presidential Spokesperson, Trymore Mwenda, expressed disappointment that while leaders of neighbouring countries, facing comparable financial challenges, were restricting foreign travel to save resources, Hichilema had opted to continue spending the country’s limited funds on unproductive overseas trips.

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“His latest travel to Germany comes only days after his return from Saudi Arabia. We appeal to the President to heed to pleas from various sections of the Zambian society to cut down on the costly foreign trips, which are only benefiting him and members of his entourage through hefty allowances and private deals.

“The money the government is wasting on these foreign trips can be channelled to key social and economic sectors such as agriculture, health and education,” Mwenda stated.

He emphasized the unacceptability of certain constituencies disbursing the 2022 Constituency Development Funds (CDF) grants to successful applicants as late as November 2023.

“This is one of the indicators that the government does not have the money to pay under the expanded CDF,” he hilighted.

“But it is able to find money to finance the president’s endless foreign trips, which have now hit a record 64.”

He stressed that ZMP would continue to condemn wasteful expenditure and demand prudent use of meagre national resources.

Furthermore, the party urged other stakeholders to continue holding the government accountable in the management of national affairs.

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