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Again, party leader, M’membe, accuses Hichilema’s administration of failing to deliver on promises (Video)


Socialist Party (SP) leader, Dr Fred M’membe, has accused President Hakainde Hichilema and his administration of being “tyrannical and repressive.”

M’membe alleged that Hichilema’s administration was scared of Zambians because it had failed to deliver on its promises and had resorted to “tyranny and repression.”

Addressing a media briefing in Lusaka on Friday, the SP leader claimed that Hichilema had taken away the rights to assembly, association, speech from the opposition and ordinary zambians in the name of implementing austerity measures.


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“When leaders are scared of their people because they have failed to deliver, they become tyrannical and repressive as a means to stop everyone from discussing any issue affecting the economy and that’s what this government has become, ”

He stated that initially the opposition thought the Police were being overzealous when they denied them permits to hold meetings and rallies.

M’membe claimed that Hichilema’s administration was scared of Zambians because it knows they hold the power to its stay in office.

“Can austerity measures take away our rights to assemble, freedom of association, freedom of speech and freedom of association,” he wondered.

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M’membe alleged that Zambians were scared to make phone calls on open lines because they were scared that someone was listening to their conversations.

He claimed that government did not want its people to complain about the status of the economy hence its resort to “repression and tyranny”.

“Why should leaders be scared of their own people? Government is scared of its people because it is not fixing what it promised them,” M’membe said.

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