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Authority warns of possible flooding of areas around Lake Tanganyika, asks settlers to move upland


The Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA) has issued an alert on the possible flooding of areas surrounding Lake Tanganyika in Northern Province.

WARMA acting Director General, Frank Nyoni, said the authority had observed rising water levels in Lake Tanganyika which are likely to cause flooding in some areas of Mpulungu and Nsama Districts.

Nyoni in a statement issued in Lusaka on Saturday, said the rise in the Lake water levels are due to intense rainfall received in the Northern parts of Zambia.

“The areas which are likely to be affected include Mpulungu Harbour, Kasaba Bay, Nsumbu Bay, Nkamba Bay, Chituta Bay, Mbete Bay and other areas along the shoreline,” he said.

Nyoni stated that the Authority had observed that the water levels in Lake Tanganyika had exceeded the long-term average.

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He said the highest Lake water level of 4.36m which was recorded in 1964 had been exceeded by 0.53m as of 1 2th April, 2024, reaching a record high of 4.89m.

“Furthermore, the Lake water levels are still rising and it is anticipated that the peak will be reached by June, 2024,” Nyoni added.

He advised that members of the public using the Lake and settlers along the lake shorelines in the affected areas should be on high alert.

Nyoni said the settlers should consider possibly moving upland as the Lake levels are still on the rise.

“The Authority will continue to monitor the Lake water levels and will keep the public informed of any changes in the situation,” he stated.

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