Boxing promoter, Oriental Quarries, denies using uncontracted fighters (video)


Oriental Quarries Boxing Promotion has denied allegations of employing uncontracted boxers as they gear up for the 2024 international championship tournaments.

According to the Manager, Christopher Malunga, the Boxers’ Board of Control regulates and monitors all fighters, ensuring they meet the qualifications set by the African Boxing Union (ABU).

“Whoever raised those issues of fighting without a contract has malice on his shoulders. He is raising issues for his own purpose, but it won’t take him or her anywhere. We are very transparent professional promoters,” he clarified.

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In an interview with Zambia Monitor in Lusaka on Wednesday, Malunga emphasized that the ABU Bantamweight title, secured on December 16, 2023, had elevated the standards of the boxing industry in Zambia.

He further highlighted that the title defender, David Mwale, would need to exert even more effort for the upcoming bout to defend the title.

Malunga encouraged all other boxers in the country to shift their mindset and follow the example set by the defending champion of the ABU title.

Meanwhile, David Mwale urged his fellow boxers to maintain discipline and adhere to their managers’ instructions.

He confidently assured his fans that he would not let them down in the next bout.

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