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Mweetwa frowns at Archbishop Mpundu’s remarks, claims they demean President Hichilema (video)


The government has indicated that it will be meeting the Catholic Bishops in the next few days to iron out their concerns and those of the Our Civic Duty Association (OCIDA) and other stakeholders.

OCIDA Chairperson, Telesphore Mpundu, on Tuesday this week, expressed concern with the conduct of the judiciary in politically sensitive cases and the state of the economy.

During a weekly media briefing in Choma District of Southern Province on Wednesday, Chief Government Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa expressed shock that Mpundu repeated the same issues, which will be discussed with the Catholic Bishops.

Mweetwa stated that the government had placed premium in the issues raised by all the stakeholders in the country concerning the state of the economy and agreed to discuss them at a round table.

He said the government respects the views of OCIDA as it was within their democratic rights to air such grievances even though the issued raised are being dealt with.

“Government finds strange that OCIDA wants to continue to beat and play a drum whose sound has already been and ably by the government. We take this as something with a pinch of salt due to the language used,” Mweetwa stated.

He, however, expressed shock with the language that was used by OCIDA, describing it as demeaning to the Head of State even though what was being communicated as substance in it.

The Minister of Information and Media said this was strange and unacceptable that an organization with eminent persons such as Mpundu can use derogatory remarks against President Hakainde Hichilema.

Mweetwa said OCIDA brought issues already known as a way of sustaining confrontation with government, and this was their trajectory.

“Further former President Lungu is a wrong person to champion the issues of good governance and the rule of law as he was principal perpetrator of the same during his rule as president,” he stated.

Mweetwa said Lungu and his colleagues were drinking from the same cup of bitterness after losing the 2021 general elections and were now pretending that there was shrinking democratic space in the country.

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