Businessman Kasanda denies fraud allegations, challenges property seizure, insists on fair trial


Businessman, Sedrick Kasanda, has denied allegations of involvement in fraudulent mineral dealings and tax evasion.

Kasanda claimed that he held a valid mineral trading license and was fully compliant with the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA).

He also claimed that his tax records were impeccable, reflecting a commitment to abiding by the law.

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This is according to his reply to Attorney-General Mulilo Kabesha’s query to his petition filed by his lawyers, where he was challenging the seizure of his residential house in Ibex hill by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC), brought before the Economic and Financial Crimes Court.

Kabesha had submitted that DEC had lawfully seized Kasanda’s Ibex Hill house and properties thereon which included cars, as investigations revealed an element of fraudulent dealing in minerals and his company evading tax.

The Attorney-General said it was not right for Kasanda to claim that the seized properties were legitimately acquired before he was cleared in the investigations or criminal proceedings that may ensue.

However, Kasanda argued that DEC stormed his property, conducting a raid without the proper authorization of a search warrant.

Kasanda emphasized that adherence to due process, as outlined in the laws of Zambia, should not be compromised.

The manner in which his property was seized for investigation purposes was, in Kasanda’s view, a blatant violation of the law.

He argued that his possessions were acquired through legitimate means and not through any illicit activities.

“The Petitioner will assert that they hold a valid mineral trading license and are tax compliant with ZRA,” he contended.

He also insisted on his right to a fair trial and due process.

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