Ex-Tourism Minister, Chitotela, moves to appeal decision on K6.5 million debt settlement


Former Tourism Minister, Ronald Chitotela, has applied for leave from the Economic and Financial Crimes Court to appeal its decision denying his request to halt the enforcement of a judgment mandating him to settle a K6.5 million outstanding debt owed to Azadi Investment Limited.

On May 26, 2023, Chitotela filed an application to stay the execution of a judgment on admission, a move triggered by what he perceived as an oversight in the initial judgment.

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The core of his argument laid in the assertion that the plaintiff, Azadi Investment Limited, failed to account for the value of three motor vehicles and cash payments totalling K900,000 made towards the outstanding debt.

A Range Rover Vogue, a Range Rover Sport, and a Mazda BT-50—all surrendered to Azadi Investment Limited—were collectively valued at US$150,000.

Furthermore, Chitotela stressed his cash contributions, a substantial K900,000, which he claimed were disregarded in the proceedings due to misplaced receipts.

He said the application, filed in 2023, only saw the light of day on April 30, 2024.

Chitotela contended that he was prejudiced and deprived of a fair opportunity to state his case.

He complained that a writ of fifa was discovered, signalling Azadi Investment Limited’s intent to enforce the initial judgment, detrimental to his finances.

According to the court’s ruling on May 3, 2024, the court found his applications lacking in substance, failing to demonstrate irreparable loss or compelling reasons for a stay order.

However, Chitotela intends to appeal to the Court of Appeal against the ruling.

He had contracted the company to build his residential house situated at property no. CHONG/LN_21188/51, Chongwe district, at a cost of K9.5 million.

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