Ex-Presidential Aide, Chanda, approaches High Court in bid to upturn 12 months sentence


Former Presidential Press Aide, Amos Chanda, has lodged an appeal with the High Court against his 12-month jail sentence with hard labour.

Chanda, previously serving under ex-President Edgar Lungu, contested the verdict, asserting that there was insufficient evidence presented in court to prove his guilt in the alleged theft of case record.

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Chanda’s conviction, handed down last Friday, sentenced him to 12 months with hard labour for theft of court documents.

Additionally, the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court imposed a fine of K5,000 on Chanda for the destruction of case records.

Through his legal representatives, Chanda had initiated an appeal against the sentence at the Lusaka High Court and petitioned for bail pending the appeal’s hearing in the subordinate court.

He argued that the trial judge, Irene Wishimanga, misapplied both legal principles and factual evidence in convicting him of theft and destruction of evidence, citing insufficient prosecution evidence to support his conviction.

Chanda contended that the trial magistrate overlooked crucial aspects of the prosecution’s case, particularly regarding the absence of concrete evidence indicating stolen records. He further argued that his conviction was based on a compromised piece of evidence.

In his bail application, Chanda highlighted the bailable nature of the offense under Republican laws and expressed concern about serving a significant portion of his sentence before his appeal was heard, potentially obstructing justice.

He asserted that the appeal had prospects of succeeding.

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