Congo DR overtakes Peru in copper production to become world’s second largest producer


The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has reportedly overtaken Peru as the world’s second largest copper producer, according to 2023 figures.

A report seen on Reuters by Zambia Monitor indicated that Congo produced about 2.84 million tonnes of copper last year as quoted by the country’s Central Bank.

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Peru’s output was 2.76 million tonnes, the Andean country’s mining and energy ministry said.

But the vast country, still lags the South American country in exports, official data from both nations showed.

Congo had been reeling in Peru’s Number two copper spot over recent years, with flagging mining investments in Peru linked to red tape and recent political turmoil and protests.

Chile remained the distant top producer of the red metal at more than five million.

Peru, however, was hanging onto its lead over Congo on copper exports. Peru exported some 2.95 million tonnes of the metal last year, more than its annual production due to sales of stocks held over from previous years.

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