Court hears how 13-year-old girl was mauled to death by dogs


A father of the late 13-year-old girl mauled to death by dogs has narrated to the Lusaka High Court how he saw a pack of dogs by the corner of the poultry house eating something, but that when he threw a stone at them, it was his daughter’s lifeless body with blood everywhere.

Allan Banda, 43, told High Court Judge Egispo Mwansa, that the dogs that bit his daughter, Sharon Banda, to death belonged to his former employer and now accused, Shi Yaming.

The State on Monday opened case in a matter Shi Yaming, a director at Kingo Farm in Lusaka West is charged with manslaughter.

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First witness in the case was the victim’s father who said he and his family moved from the compound house to Kingo Farm, to care for the chicks as he was working as a poultry man.

He stated that Shi Yaming had more thant 10 dogs of different breeds which roamed around the farm.

Banda said on November 8 2023, he lost his daughter after she was mauled to death by the dogs at around 05:30 hours.

The girl had been bitten on the neck and head.

He said they lived in a makeshift home made out of empty sacks of feed.

“I proceeded to go and collect the feed. When I reached the poultry house with the bag of feed, I called Sharon to bring me a knife to use for opening the bag. When she didn’t respond to my call, I started looking for her everywhere, including the house.

“I then went to look for her outside, when I turned to the corner of the poultry house, I just saw dogs gathered around like eating something. I got a stone and threw at them, when they moved away, I saw Sharon laying down, bitten everywhere with blood all over. She was not breathing,” he narrated.

He told the Court that Shi Yaming fed the dogs dead chickens.

Another witness, Zauwa Zulu said he was neighbours with Kingo Farm and testified that the dogs were unsecured.

Zulu said a day before the girl was mauled to death by the dogs, the same animals had killed his goat.

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