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Crack in the walls of Bishop Mpundu’s group? OCIDA ‘member’, Mbula, faults calls for sanctions against Hichilema, others


Cracks may have emerged in Our-Civic-Duty Association (OCIDA) with some members requesting its Chairperson Archibishop, Telesphore Mpundu, to resign.

The call followed the letter which Mpundu wrote to the American Embassy asking the US government to impose financial sanctions, visa restrictions and travel against some top Zambian government officials.

OCIDA member, Leslie Mbula, supposedly made the call on behalf of other members at a media briefing in Lusaka on Thursday.

Mbula said Archibishop had played his part but that it was time to pass on the mantle to the next person.

“We would like to take this opportunity to call upon the leadership of the Catholic Church in Zambia to protect the name and integrity of the Archibishop from abuse by some opportunistic individuals,” he appealed.

Mbula claimed that over the last few months, statements which had not been agreed up by the memebers or sanctioned by the trustees had been issued to the media.

He said OCIDA was shocked that some members had without the agreement written a letter to the American government

“In order to bring sanity to and order in the organization, we are requesting one member of OCIDA by the name of Brebnar Changala to cease being a member of this noble organization,” Mbula stated.

He added that Changala’s actions in the recent months were tantamount to hijacking the organisation and disuading it from the mission for which it was formed.

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Mbula stressed that the Association had a duty to continually remind successful governments of their commitment to help the people but that this should be done in an orderly manner.

“It is therefore regrettable that our fellow member of OCIDA, Changala, does not appreciate that for effective and effienct operations of an organisation like OCIDA, order is of outmost importance,” he stated.

Mbula said Changala had failed to live up to the expectations of OCIDA and his membership remained untennable.

Changala, however, advised the group to take him to Court if their innsuations that he was not a member of OCIDA were true and the statements issued were not agreed upon.

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