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Foundation criticises Edgar Lungu’s Patriotic Front for provoking ethnic tensions


The Chikondi Foundation has criticised the Edgar Lungu-led Patriotic Front (PF) for their response to recent political events, describing it as immature and lacking the strength needed to address real situations with a calm and measured approach.

The foundation expressed concern that this deficiency had led the party to carelessly provoke ethnic tensions within the country.

In a statement issued in Lusaka on Tuesday, Foundation President, John Mambo, pointed out that some statements made by Patriotic Front Members of Parliament were extremely damaging, comparing them to a cancer that can undermine the fabric of society.

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“Statements based on ethnicity possess the dangerous potential to alienate and divide an entire nation, undermining the unity and harmony that are essential for our collective progress and stability,” Mambo stated.

He urged the Patriotic Front to acknowledge the seriousness of their words and actions and to demonstrate greater responsibility and restraint to promote a more inclusive and cohesive national community.

Mambo also urged the media to be sensitive when providing coverage on matters related to ethnicity.

He warned that the media, if not used properly, can be weaponised to incite violence and hatred.

“That tragic event underscores the importance of responsible journalism and the need for vigilance against hate speech and propaganda,” he added.

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