Freight forwarders worry over allegations of fraud leveled against members


The Zambia Freight Forwarding Association (ZAFFA) has expressed concern that many of its members are being labeled as fraudsters.

Chanika Mumba, the ZAFFA vice president, stated that the association has come under fire from the public, who often label its members as fraudsters interested only in money rather than providing services.

Mumba made these remarks during the signing of an agreement with the United Federation of Employers of Zambia (UFEZ) in Lusaka on Tuesday.

He expressed hope that the agreement would help legitimise the members and foster a conducive business environment for sustainable development.

“ZAFFA was formed in 2000 and is purely owned by Zambians, housing about 1,300 members. We are happy to sign this agreement so that we can start working together both locally and internationally,” Mumba said.

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UFEZ president, Humphrey Monde, stated that the partnership provided a framework to address the challenges members face by influencing, lobbying and engaging the government.

Monde highlighted that this would be achieved by shaping business-friendly policies and regulatory frameworks that support and protect the interests of freight forwarding organizations and UFEZ members.

“We are confident that in collaboration with local and international stakeholders, the two parties will build capabilities through training and optimizing the use of human, technological, and financial resources for effective service delivery,” he said.

Additionally, Monde mentioned that experts in the freight and forwarding industry would be engaged to ensure productivity and efficiency, building confidence among clients and other business stakeholders, including the government.

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