Govt commits to provide enabling environment for businesses


The Ministry of Labour and Social Security says the government remains committed to providing an enabling environment where enterprises can thrive to provide the much needed jobs that contribute for the well being of citizens.

Labour Commissioner, Givens Muntengwa, said he was happy to see employers appreciate employees through rewarding them, as it was human capital development that contributed to the growth of the economy.

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Speaking during the award ceremony for Good Time Steel Limited (GTS) employees on Wednesday, Muntengwa applauded the company on its partnership with the government in providing employment to Zambian citizens.

He said it was gratifying that the company had allowed the workers membership to be associated to a trade union which meant they valued and respected workers rights which was envisaged in the industrial and labour relations act.

“I therefore implore you to continue with solidarity and effective social dialogue to ensure continued industrial harmony as this is key to productivity. We will maintain the prevailing industrial harmony at GTS so that we attain higher productivity which will contribute to economic growth and ultimately provide more jobs,” Muntengwa said.

He urged all employers across the country to have a duty to provide a safe and healthy workplace, social security and a living wage to the employees which was key to improving productivity.

GTS Managing Director, Jackey Huang, said the company realized that labour was a game changer and the reason for celebrating the workers who were key in the growth of the company.

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