Insurance firms urged to quickly compensate farmers on weather index insurance schemes (Video)


The Centre for Environment Justice (CEJ) has appealed to insurance companies to urgently compensate farmers enrolled in Weather Index Insurance schemes.

CEJ Head of Research and Studies, Freeman Mubanga, said farmers, especially in Southern Province, who were affected by an erratic rainfall pattern, were waiting for clarification from insurers on compensation mechanisms.

Mubanga made the call in a statement issued in Lusaka on Thursday.

He said the introduction of the Weather Index Insurance in Zambia represented a significant step forward in the fight against the impacts of Climate Change on agriculture.

“By linking insurance payouts to weather conditions rather than individual crop losses, the innovative initiative offers a direct response to the challenges posed by climate variability,” Mubanga noted.

He emphasized that insurance providers should execute their compensation duties with both efficiency and transparency for the system to effectively support the agricultural sector.

Mubanga said recent observations indicated a growing concern among farmers regarding the timeliness of these compensations.

“A significant number of farmers participating in the Farmer Input Support Program (FISP) have invested K100 towards Weather Index Insurance, demonstrating their trust in the system to provide a safety net against climatic unpredictabilities,” he noted.

Mubanga stated that the effectiveness of this insurance model was, however, contingent upon the insurers’ ability to promptly assess and compensate for crop losses.

He said delays in processes can severely impact farmers’ ability to recover from adverse weather conditions and prepare for the upcoming farming season.

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“We strongly recommend that insurance companies providing Weather Index Insurance to enhance transparency and communication, establish clear, accessible channels for communicating with farmers regarding the status of their insurance claims and the timeline for compensation,” Mubanga stated.

He also called for regular updates on assessment processes, saying expected payout dates can significantly alleviate farmers’ anxieties and foster trust in the insurance mechanism.

Mubanga further recommended streamlining assessment processes by implementing more efficient technologies and methodologies for crop loss, noting that assessment can expedite the compensation process.

“Remote sensing technology, for instance, offers a promising tool for quickly evaluating weather-related damages over large areas,” he said.

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