Korea calls for strengthened bilateral relations, as country’s investors eye Zambia’s mining sector (Video)


The Korean government has called for strenthened bilateral relations between that country and Zambia in order to record more investments in sectors like mining.

Korean Ambassador to Zambia, Jae Kyung Parks, said a lot of investors from that country were interested in investing in sectors such as mining in order to utilise minerals such as Cobalt which are used for car batteries.

Park told Zambia Monitor that the investors were also interested in sectors such as agriculture due to Zambia’s arable and vast land with plenty of water resource.

He noted that most of these investments could be achieved with strengthened bilateral relations in various areas of the economy including the rule of law.

“”Bilateral relations between the two countries is always beneficial and I do have confidence in that fact and Zambia has a lot of mineral resources such as Cobalt, Copper, Nickel and Lithium which investors are interested in, “Park said.

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He disclosed that a number of Korean electric companies were also interested in minerals like Nickel, Lithium and ready to make the right investments.

Park assured that with his coming as the new Korean Ambassador to Zambia, he would ensure that Zambia’s investment climate was marketed to the investors from his country.

“Zambia’s political environment makes it the right investment destination for most Korean investors and this must be maintained,” the Korean Ambassador stated.

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