Minister Haimbe calls for increased financing against terrorism


Southern African Development Community (SADC) Ministerial Committee on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation Organ, Chairperson, Mulambo Haimbe, has called for heavy financing against terrorism.

Haimbe said the financing should be channeled towards the sensitization exercises against terrorism in order to curtail the vice.

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He was speaking during the opening of Extraordinary meeting of the ministerial committee of the SADC organ on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation in Lusaka on Friday.

“Terrorism is a complex phenomenon which cannot be completely eradicated because of the radicalization and extremism that may be embedded in some members of our communities.

“This therefore requires financial and material resources for sensitization programmes including confidence building measures,” he said.

On peace, Haimbe said regional blocs should strive to ensure that peace and security was guarded at all costs.

Haimbe said when one country’s peace and security was endangered, the development of the rest of the region was affected.

The Chairperson said the effects of insecurity in the region affected all hence the need for collective effort to help nations that are in dangerous situations.

“We need to continue assisting our sister countries to ensure that the negative forces are eliminated in our region,” he said.

Haimbe who is also Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said the committee would receive an update on the situation in eastern part of Cabo del Gado Province in Mozambique as well as the eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo.

He commended the two missions for making serious strides to restoring peace and security in the respective areas.

The Minister called for the continued upholding of peace in Mozambique even though the mission to that country started to be withdrawn in December 2023, stating that this exercise would be completed by July 2024.

SADC Executive Secretary, Elias Magosi, said without peace and security, the necessary goals of development in region would not be attained.

Magosi thanked member states for the support rendered to eastern DRC and Mozambique to address security issues.

Magosi expressed confidence that the deliberations would be successful in helping the heads of states make positive decisions that would contribute to peace in the region.

“I am confident that this meeting will yield concrete outcomes and actionable recommendations that will give all of us renewed strength, a sense of solidarity and shared commitments to facilitate our Heads of State and governments to make decisions towards ensuring lasting peace and security in the SADC region,” he said

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