Oil marketing companies cry out over monopolistic access granted Agro Fuel on use of TAZAMA pipeline


The Oil Marketing Companies Association of Zambia (OMCAZ) has complained that government is taking long to approve requests from its members to use the TAZAMA Pipeline to transport finished petroleum products.

OMCAZ president, Kafula Mubanga, regretted that only one oil marketing firm had been allowed to use the pipeline.

Mubanga alleged that other OMCs applied but government had not approved until now.

“What is on record, unless it has changed, is that Agro Fuel is the only company which has been contracted to use the pipeline pending the approval of ZPPA amendment.

“We are not happy that it is only one company using the pipeline, so our appeal is that there is need to expedite the process for the amendment of ZPPA Act so that Tazama becomes a multi-user facility,” Mubanga told reporters on Thursday.

He emphasised that it was prudent that government expedited the amendment of the Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) Act to allow more OMCs to utilise the facility.

Mubanga explained that the pipeline was the cheaper way of transporting petroleum products, and that all OMCs should be made to benefit from the infrastructure.

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