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Opposition alliance alleges govt seeking constitutional amendments to prolong Hichilema’s term


United  Kwacha Alliance (UKA) interim Chairperson, Sakwiba Sikota, has alleged that the United Party for National Development (UPND) is scheming to amend the constitution to elongate the presidential term to seven years due to unpopularity.

Meanwhile, Alliance Member Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) leader, Edith Nawakwi, urged the government to declare the drought a national emergency.

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Sikota who appeared on Lusaka Radio programme  on Wednesday alongside Nawakwi claimed that UPND  was scared to go for a general election, the reason  they were allegedly scheming to prolong the presidential term to seven years from the current five.

“The UPND themselves know that they cannot win an election and they are scared to go for the 2026 general election that is why we are told they are planning to elongate the presidential term to seven years, they have lost popularity,” he said.

Sikota who was  the first UPND vice president for politics in its formative stage said UKA, the formation of seven opposition parties would unite the country.

He alleged that the country was polarized because of failed leadership and that it was the reason political leaders with varying experiences had come together to forge an alliance.

At the same forum, Nawakwi urged President Hakainde   Hichilema to ‘swallow’ his  pride and declare the drought as a national emergency and call for international help.

“The problem is my young brother is pompous, he always wants to talk and not to listen. He should swallow his pride and declare the drought situation as a national emergency and plead for international humanitarian aid,” she stated.

Nawakwi insisted that once in power UKA would ensure that development was rolled out, according to regional demands to accelerate development.

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