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Party leader, Banda, calls for sack of ‘jobless’ ministers, accuses UPND govt of losing focus


People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) leader, Andyford Banda, has called for the dismissal of underperformng Cabinet Ministers.

Banda said President Hakainde Hichilema should bring in people who can at least hold things together until 2026 when another party would take over possibly.

In a statement issued in Lusaka on Tuesday, the PAC leader noted that there was still hope in 2026 because Zambians had the power to change things by ushering in a party that really cares for their needs as people.

He expressed shock at the casual manner in which the United Party for National Development (UPND) administration was running the country’s affairs.

“Instead of focusing on more important matters affecting the nation, Hichilema and his team have instead shown more signs of not knowing what they are doing to the extent of sending five cabinet ministers to campaign in a “small” ward election,” Banda stated.

The PAC leader said this was not only a testament of lack of priorities, but the extent to which the UPND lacks commitment to keeping their campaign promises.

He noted that the party was on top of their voice when they were in opposition condemning the Patriotic Front (PF) Ministers who were leaving their offices campaigning in by-elections.

“Not only did they condemn this kind of behaviour, but promised the people of Zambia how they would cut down the costs of running by-elections once in office,” Banda said.

He expressed concern that having five ministers campaigning in a ward by election was not only saddening, but a clear sign of the UPND’s lack of priorities for the country.

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Banda stated that it was a clear sign of lack of commitment to cut down costs and ensure the ministers were attending to the most urgent issues.

“How can five ministers leave their offices to go and campaign in a ward by election honestly? Why did the President sanction these trips,” he asked.

The PAC leader said it looks like the government was doing exactly the things they condemned when in opposition and had made a u-turn on a number of campaign promises too numerous to mention.

Banda claimed that their focus was power and politicking as opposed to solving the many miseries people are going through.

He identified Minister of Energy Peter Kapala, Mines and Minerals Development Minister Paul Kabuswe, Youth and Sports Minister Elvis Nkandu and Minister of Small And Medium Enterprises Elias Mubanga, as some of the Ministers who went to campaign in a ward by-election abandoning their huge tasks at their Ministries.

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