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Political analyst, Siulupwa, knocks UPND govt, queries performance of anti-corruption war


Daimone Siulapwa, a self proclaimed political analyst says Zambians are currently disillusioned by the unfulfilled campaign promises made by the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND).

Siulapwa in statement on Saturday noted that despite the public commending government for establishment of the Economic and Financial Crimes Court as a beacon of hope, a bastion of justice erected to expedite the adjudication of corruption cases and to deliver swift retribution to the guilty, it had performed to the contrary.

“However, what was intended to be a symbol of resolve has devolved into a symbol of disillusionment, as it languishes in a state of inertia, failing to live up to its mandate,” he said.

Siulapwa argued that the people of Zambia were not fools as they saw through the smoke and mirrors of political posturing.

He further pointed out that the deafening silence surrounding the conclusion of corruption cases speaks volumes, breeding suspicion and disillusionment among the populace was worrying.

“The UPND government must heed the loud and clear call of the people and deliver on its solemn promise to root out corruption with unwavering resolve,” Siulapwa said.

He noted that in the wake of the 2021 elections, hope reverberated through the hearts of Zambians, as they believed that change had come.

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He expressed concern that the promise of a new era under the UPND was heralded by a resounding commitment to dismantle the fortress of corruption erected during the previous regime and to hold the perpetrators accountable, but that to the contrary the wheels of justice was grinding at a pace reminiscent of a lethargic tortoise, while corruption continued to haunt the nation with impunity.

“During the fervor of the electoral campaigns, the UPND, under the leadership of Hakainde Hichilema, boldly proclaimed its mission to uproot corruption and restore faith in governance.

“The tales of plunder and embezzlement under the Patriotic Front (PF) rule were vividly painted, fueling the collective resentment of a populace weary of being preyed upon by those entrusted with safeguarding their interests,” he said.

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