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Research Centre calls for equal access to resources, opportunities for women farmers


The Policy Monitoring and Research Centre (PMRC) has called for equal access to resources and opportunities for women farmers to unlock their potential.

Women farmers play a significant role in food production and agricultural activities,PMRC Executive Director, Sydney Mwamba, said this in a statement to commemorate Farmers’ Day on Monday under the theme “Inclusive Economic Development.”

Mwamba stated that recognising the specific roles of women in agriculture was essential to achieving true inclusivity.

“Women farmers play a significant role in food production and agricultural activities. We can unlock their potential as catalysts for change and progress by empowering them with equal access to resources and opportunities,” he said.

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Mwamba stated that by empowering farmers with modern agricultural practices, advanced technologies, and access to markets, Zambia was fostering a conducive environment that promoted prosperity and reduced poverty.

He pointed out that the foundation of Zambia’s economic growth rested on the unwavering dedication of farmers who, with resilience and determination, cultivated the land and produced abundant food and raw materials.

“They are the backbone of our agricultural sector, providing nourishment to our citizens and supporting various industries, from agribusiness to manufacturing.

“Their efforts extend beyond the boundaries of their farms, positively impacting rural communities and stimulating economic growth across the country,” Mwamba said.

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