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Sampa suffers setback, as lawyer withdraws from case challenging senior PF officials


Embattled Patriotic Front (PF) presidential candidate, Miles Sampa, has suffered a legal blow as one of his lawyers has excused himself from representing him in a matter he is challenging senior party officials for illegally carrying out party functions.

Bancroft Legal Practitioners filed a notice in the Lusaka High Court withdrawing from acting for Sampa.

Counsel Mubita Lifunana in an affidavit in support of the withdrawal submitted to Court that the litigant would not suffer any prejudice as he was able to engage counsel of his choice and that he was also represented by other co-advocates who are still on record.

“That on account of failure by the plaintiff to provide Messrs Bancroft Legal Practitioners proper and timely instructions, the firm hereby withdraws from acting on behalf of the said plaintiff,” Lifunana stated.

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Meanwhile, acting PF president, Given Lubinda, urged the High Court to set aside Sampa’s exparte order for leave to commence committal proceedings against him and his Secretary General, Raphael Nakacinda.

Lubinda contended that the committal proceedings were not competently before court.

He alleged that they were not served with the notice of motion for an order of committal, affidavit in support and the statement accompanying the application for an order an order of committal .

“That I am advised by my Advocates and verily believe the same to be true that the court cannot entertain the committal proceedings owing to the irregularity stated in the attendant notice of motion,” he said.

Sampa was last month granted leave to commence contempt of court proceedings against Lubinda and Nakacinda for disregarding the court holder restraining them from conducting party functions until the general conference is held.

The Matero Member of Parliament contended that Lubinda appointed Nakacinda as party Secretary General despite being aware that the court directed that they desist from acting as such.

On February 9, 2023, Katanekwa, granted Sampa an exparte order restraining Lubinda and other senior party officials from holding themselves in their position or carrying out party functions pending determination of the matter in which he was challenging his suspension.

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