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Socialist Party leader, M’membe, heckles Hichilema, says he’s gripped with fear of losing power


Socialist Party (SP) leader, Fred M’membe, says President Hakainde Hichilema is now gripped with fear of losing power and this is propelling his decisions and actions.

M’membe claimed that Hichilema knew that things were not well.

In a statement issued in Lusaka on Thursday, the SP leader stated that Hichilema had failed to live up to his campiagn promises and that the people were tired of his administration.

“But now, even the attempt to mask this fear with a macho posturing is failing-it can’t be concealed anymore. His vulnerabilities are showing on his face and can be picked in his tone and speeches too,” he said.

The SP leader described Hichilema as desperate. He alleged that the Head of State was resorting to more and more repression to curtail the effectiveness of the rapidly growing political opposition against him.

“He has literally put a lid on public rallies and meetings of opposition political parties,” M’membe noted.

He claimed that Hichilema was trying very hard to criminalise every speech or expression that exposes the tribalism and corruption of his government.

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M’membe claimed that threats, intimidation and arrests had become signatures of governance but that trying to stop or slow down the work of the opposition or civic organisations was a desperate measure that would not work.

“It will backfire very badly. This will only lead to daily confrontation, which will further and quickly erode whatever little political popularity he may still have,” he said.

Mmembe wondered how long and how far Hichilema would continue to use the police to stop the people’s right to the constitutionally guaranteed freedoms of assembly, association, expression and speech without people vigorously rising up against him.

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