Taikobot: China’s solar-powered robot revolutionizes space station operation


China’s newly developed solar-powered robot, code-named Taikobot, which was specifically designed to assist human astronauts, is all set for Space Station duties.

The solar-powered robot was a major development in space technology and has the potential to completely change how China operates its increasingly advanced space operations.

Assuring the station runs smoothly even when they are no human astronauts, Taikobot is programmed to handle a variety of mundane jobs while in space, reports Ripples Nigeria.

Taikobot was created at the National University of Defense Technology in Changsha and was first intended to assist with routine duties like carrying and fetching on board the space station.

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The bot is around five feet and five inches tall and weighs about 25 kg.

The creators of Taikobot claimed that its anthropomorphic dual-arm system, which had two skillful hands and six degrees of flexibility, enables it to execute several tasks at once.

“The experiments show that Taikobot can do some simple and repetitive tasks along with astronauts and has the potential to help astronauts improve their onboard working efficiency,” the team wrote in their paper on the robotic astronaut.

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