Tech News Roundup: Exciting updates in the world of technology you should know


This week, the tech world has been buzzing with various advancements and announcements.

According to News Track Hindi, the following are some of the updates for this week.

Meta’s AI Chatbot Coming to WhatsApp and Instagram:

Meta, led by Mark Zuckerberg, was reportedly been testing its latest AI chatbot named ‘Meta AI’ on Instagram.

This chatbot, similar to others in the market, can craft poetry, generate images, and respond to queries based on text prompts.

“Meta confirmed this development, stating that they are in the process of testing various AI-powered experiences publicly,” according to the report.

Oppo and OnePlus Devices to Incorporate Google’s Gemini AI:

Smartphone giants Oppo and OnePlus revealed plans to integrate Google’s Gemini AI models into their devices.

This collaboration aims to bring advanced AI capabilities to users, including tasks like summarising news articles and generating social media content.

Apple Facilitates iPhone Repairs with Used Parts

Apple had reportedly taken a significant step towards making iPhone repairs more accessible.

Customers and third-party service providers could now use used Apple parts for repairs, ensuring user privacy, security, and product longevity.

Google Introduces AI Image Editing Features to Photos App

Google is set to roll out AI-powered features to its Photos app, including the Magic Editor, to all eligible devices starting May 15th.

While free users would have limited edits, Pixel users would enjoy unlimited access to these features.

Bill Gates and Sam Altman Discuss AI on Podcast

Microsoft founder Bill Gates hosted OpenAI Chief Executive Officer, Sam Altman, on his podcast for a discussion on artificial intelligence.

Gates expressed his skepticism about AI taking over human jobs, emphasising the importance of human involvement in crucial tasks like malaria eradication.

ChatGPT Receives GPT-4 Turbo Upgrade

OpenAI had unveiled a new update for ChatGPT, enhancing its capabilities in writing, math, logical reasoning, and coding.

This upgrade, available exclusively to paid ChatGPT users, promises a more direct, conversational, and less verbose experience.

These developments mark significant strides in the ever-evolving landscape of technology, promising users enhanced experiences and capabilities across various platforms and devices.

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