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UPND advocates law to deter regional political groupings to curtail promotion of tribalism


The ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) National Youth Trustee, Charles Kabwita, has called for the formulation of a law which would deter regional political groupings.

Kabwita said Members of Parliament should consider tabling a Bill in the house so that groupings such as Luapula United and Umodzi Kumawa are banned once it is enacted into law.

The UPND National Youth Trustee told Zambia Monitor that such groupings were the ones in the forefront of promoting tribalism and regional politics.

He stated that regional politics posed a risk to the country’s unity which had existed since independence and the much cherished democracy which Zambians continued to enjoy.

“Umodzi Kumawa posses a senior threat to our society, therefore implementing stringent measures against these promoting divisions through regional politics will help preserve national unity,” Kabwita emphasized.

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He said robust consequences would deter people promoting regional politics or exploiting regional differences for personal or political gain and foster a more cohesive and inclusive society.

Kabwita stated that the law, once in place, would give such people long punishments so that it deters others from following the same route.

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