Yo Maps manager, Kandeke, gets entangled in online augment with Tukuta


In what seems to be back and fourth online shots between popular cameraman, Chellah Tukuta, and Yo Maps’ team, tempers appear to have flared up again, and this time the former has managed to catch DJ Kandeke’s attention.

Just recently Tukuta, on his official social media platform, had fired shots at the DJ Kandeke, looking to query his integrity and profession.

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Kandeke hit back at the cameraman through his social media platform saying “You take a screen shot of your back account and I take mine so that we see whose the real man, we all know your wedding was sponsored by your ex-girlfriend, stay in your lane, if you don’t want us to tell people what they don’t know,” he said.

Some say chellah is on a mission to taunt all those who are against Mwizukanji, Yo Map’s ex-girlfriend.

Others have said the cameraman man needs be matured, rather than poking his nose in businesses he doesnt know.

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