Zambian government restricts movement of maize grain to ensure food security


In a move seen to curtail expected food shortage of maize meal in the coming season, the government has imposed a temporary restriction of maize grain in the country.

In a circular issued by Agriculture Permanent Secretary, Green Mbozi and seen by Zambia Monitor on Monday, the imposition of a temporary movement of maize grain is reportedly to secure the national food basket.

“At a meeting of the food security committee on August 2, 2023, it was decided that temporary restrictions on movement of maize grain and mealie meal be put in place with immediate effect,” Mbozi said.

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He said there would be no inter district movement of stock until such a time that the ministry would advise.

“However, movements to border towns will still be permitted on a case by case basis,” Mbozi said.

Zambia which seems to be the only country that is food secure in the region is currently experiencing the historical high mealie meal prices as a 25 kilogram of maize breakfast meal is fetching around K300.

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