Zimbabwe struggles to contain spread of cholera, as 100 reportedly dead, 5000 infected


HARARE – Zimbabwe has been struggling to contain the spread of cholera outbreak, with the government announcing measures amid fears of a repeat of its 2008 outbreak that sparked a “national emergency”.

Cholera cases span all 10 of Zimbabwe’s provinces, with the most alarming spikes in the south-eastern provinces of Masvingo and Manicaland, the epicentre of the crisis.

Aljezeera reported that Cholera outbreak had killed more than 100 people and infected 5,000 since February, according to government estimates.

To curb the spread, the government had imposed restrictions in vulnerable areas, limiting funerals to 50 people and forbidding attendees from shaking hands or serving food at the gatherings.

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Authorities are also discouraging people from frequenting open-air markets, unlicensed vendors, or outdoor church camps where sanitation was scarce.

Cholera, a water-borne disease caused by ingesting contaminated food or water, often spreads quickly throughout Zimbabwe because of its poor sanitation infrastructure and limited clean water.

Many Zimbabweans, especially in remote villages, stay without tap water for months at a time, forcing them to draw from unsafe wells or rivers.

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