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‘2026 election will separate boys from men,’ Matambo says opposition parties will be rejected at the polls


The United Party for National Development (UPND) chairperson, Elisha Matambo, has said that Zambians will reject the opposition’s political rhetoric, which he says lacks substantive developmental ideals for the country’s prosperity.

Matambo criticised the recent statements by former President Edgar Lungu and the United Kwacha Alliance (UKA), asserting that their political coalition was unviable.

“The people of Copperbelt Province are not foolish enough to forget the suffering inflicted by the previous regime, including the gassing crisis that spread nationwide,” he stated at a media briefing in Ndola on Sunday.

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Matambo highlighted UPND’s significant achievements in road infrastructure, mining, health, education and water development, underscoring the party’s continued relevance and effectiveness.

He reminded citizens of the former President’s tenure, characterized by cadreism and political intimidation and suggested that the populace had not forgotten those days.

At a rally organized by Citizens First, former President Lungu predicted certain victory for the UKA, claiming that the ruling party was losing ground.

In response, Matambo confidently projected that UPND would secure victory in the 2026 General Election.

“The 2026 General Election will separate the boys from the men, and we will meet them on the ground,” he declared.

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