Africa pledges to triple fertiliser production, distribution to empower smallholder farmers


ETHIOPIA – African Heads of State have endorsed the Nairobi Declaration expected to bolster agricultural sustainability and enhance smallholder farmer livelihoods in Africa.

This articulated the outcomes of the Africa Fertiliser and Soil Health Summit convened in Nairobi, Kenya from May 7 to 9, 2024 in Ethiopia.

Zawya reported that 13 critical points were outlined on the Nairobi Declaration on the implementation of the commitments to among others, triple the domestic production and distribution of certified quality fertilisers by 2034.

This ambitious initiative aims to uplift smallholder farmers by ensuring they have access to the essential inputs necessary for enhancing agricultural productivity.

Further, African leaders committed to ensuring that by 2034, at least 70 percent of smallholder farmers will receive tailored agronomic recommendations to optimise fertiliser usage for increased efficiency and sustainability.

Most Member States are still over-dependent on imported fertilisers, especially non-phosphate-based fertilisers which expose Africa to external market shocks and price volatility.

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