Alleged mealie meal smugglers injured in clash with ZNS Anti-Smuggling squad


A suspected  Mealie Meal smuggler  has been wounded in a tussle with the Zambia National Service (ZNS) anti-smuggling squad that occurred on Saturday.

The incident happened as the squad confronted smugglers attempting to transport 70 bags of Chimanga Changa branded mealie meal to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The confrontation escalated when a Toyota Corolla forcefully breached the ZNS barrier, followed by a Noah Bus attempting to do the same.

In response, ZNS officers fired at the vehicles’ tires.

According to Mable Nyone, ZNS Chief of Public Relations and Liaison Officer, the situation intensified when a smuggler from the Corolla attempted to seize a firearm from an officer.

In self-defense, the officer opened fire, resulting in the smuggler being shot in the thigh.

The injured individual was subsequently taken to the hospital for treatment and would face legal consequences upon recovery.

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Nyone noted that smugglers have adopted sophisticated tactics, including using underage children to purchase Eagle branded mealie meal, repackaging it under different brands.

“This development is concerning,” she emphasized.

Addressing the media, Information and Media Permanent Secretary, Thabo Kawana, described the incident as regrettable, warning that smugglers would face consequences for their actions.

Kawana emphasized the danger posed by mealie meal smuggling, stressing that food security was a national security issue.

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